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LINK TO THE STUDY: Geography210913

This study is compliant with the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity guidelines for studies involving human subjects. 

Title of the Study: Confidence judgments with different geography settings

Researchers: Carlo Martini (University of Helsinki) and Ulrike Hahn (Birkbeck University)

What is the purpose of this study? You are invited to take part in this study as part of a research project on different ways of measuring people’s accuracy in answering a number of general knowledge questions as well as their confidence.

What will the study involve? The study will involve a number of yes/no questions and a number of questions about your confidence in providing yes/no answers. You will be shown an example of these questions before starting the questionnaire.

Do you have to take part? No. Participation is voluntary and anonymous. We ask for some demographic information before the questionnaire, but you are free to decline to answer demographic questions. If you want to continue in the questionnaire, however, you will be asked to provide answers for all questions in order for the data to be accepted. Of course you can opt out of answering any question at any time during the questionnaire. If you decide to do so the data collected up to that point will be deleted.

Will your participation in the study be kept confidential? Yes. We do all we can to keep your data anonymous, we do not collect any data that can uniquely identify you.

What will happen to the information which you give? The data will be kept confidential for the entire foreseeable future. The data will be analyzed for research purposes and kept for future reference and for purposes of experimental replication.

What will happen to the results? The results will most likely be published in scientific journals.

What are the possible disadvantages of taking part? We don’t envisage any negative consequences for you in taking part in this experiment. If you feel any distress while taking part in this experiment you are free to leave it at any time with no consequences for you. In that case the data we collected from your answers up to that point will be disqualified.

Any further queries? The researchers involved in this study are Carlo Martini (University of Helsinki – and Ulrike Hahn (Birkbeck University – If you need any further information, you can contact the main investigator in this study: Carlo Martini at the email address

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